It has evolved over the years, launching hundreds of new and diverse products and developing multiple areas of expertise. Today we can say that they are specialists in OPTICAL IMAGE TECHNOLOGIES. Their main objective is to build and provide all the necessary components to solve imaging applications: starting from optical knowledge and passing through lighting competence, they can supply the best combination of tools available in the artificial vision market: optics, lighting, cameras. industrial, software and vision units.


  • Telecentric Lenses

    Outstanding optical performance. Unmatched customer service.

    Macro & Fixed Focal Length Lenses

    A wide range of solutions for every machine vision challenge.

    360º View Lenses

    The perfect solution for machine-vision inspection challenges.

    Infrared & UV Lenses

    Beyond the visible range, for advanced optical applications.

    Custom Lenses

    Original designs specifically tailored on our customers needs

  • LED Pattern projectors

    Advanced structured lighting.

    Custom lights

    Design and build a custom light specifically tailored for your application

  • Area Scan Cameras

    High quality cameras from a partner you can trust

    Line Scan Cameras

    High-resolution at high speed

    Customized machine vision cameras

    Industrial cameras specifically tailored for your needs

  • Machine vision software

    Machine vision development environment and apps

    Machine vision libraries

    Machine vision libraries and software tools

  • Optical filters for lenses

    Light filtering is a typical need in machine vision applications. Together with LED illuminators, filters can improve image contrast by blocking unwanted light and increase the accuracy and repeatability of the vision system.

    Windows, mirrors & beamsplitters

    Quite often in the design of a vision system various modifications of the optical path of incoming light is required. There might be many reasons, but spatial constraints and specific illumination requirements are likely the most common ones.

    Diffusing & polarizing plates for lighting

    OE offers accessories for illumination including diffusers and polarizers. Diffusers are designed to improve light uniformity while polarizers can help reduce unwanted reflections when used in combination with a polarizing filter on the camera.

    Calibration & resolution patterns

    Whoever had the chance to work in the metrology field knows perfectly that calibration is a fundamental step in the setup of a vision system: having a good lens, a good camera and a proper illumination geometry is not enough when high levels of accuracy is needed.

    Projection patterns

    OE offers a wide range of interchangeable chrome on glass patterns compatible with our LED pattern projectors. Many formats are available as standard offthe shelf products, including “line & stripes” for 3D profilometry, “grids” and “cloud of dots” for stereovision applications or “crosses” for simple alignment purposes.

    Mounting mechanics

    Having the right machine vision components is not enough if you do not have the right tools to correctly integrate them in your system. Opto Engineering® offers a wide range of mounting mechanics to help in the correct installation of its products: from clamps to pattern holders, from mounting brackets to precision alignment mechanics, we have the perfect answer to your needs!

    LED controllers

    OE offers a wide range of industrial LED controllers designed to accurately set the current intensity, pulse duration and delay of machine vision LED illuminators (in strobe, pulse or continuous mode).

  • Albert

    Self-learning vision system based on artificial intelligence


    The artificial intelligence-based computational unit for imaging applications